Permafix non-woven covering, covering film and tapes

Swiss quality in covering materials and protective film

Permafix non-woven covering and covering film

Permafix covering materials can be applied to protect many types of surfaces. There is a Permafix non-woven covering or covering film for virtually all applications and circumstances. More reliable and safer than floor protection paperboard. It’s also much easier to install.

Permafix has been a feature in the world of covering materials and floor protection in Europe for 50 years now. Swiss quality ensures the perfect cover and protection for any type of surface and flooring during building and finishing work, relocations, renovations or events. So whether it’s laminate, stone, tiles, floor covering, concrete or gym flooring: Primaverde has the right solution for you.

Reasons for choosing Permafix covering materials

  • Lighter than floor protection paperboard
  • Safer than floor protection paperboard
  • Proven quality
  • Excellent protective properties
  • Self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive types
  • Suitable for floors and stairs

Permafix tapes

Permafix not only has covering materials, but tapes as well. A full range of self-adhesive tapes includes versions for bundling, masking and protecting. Reliable Swiss quality, but without the hot air of the major brands.

Permafix tapes have been developed further into a range that can at least hold its own with all the other brands available in the trade. The Permafix tape range also includes a few highlights, such as Permafix 124 with razor-sharp edges for precise masking. Or Permafix Gold masking tape capable of withstanding high temperatures.

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Reasons for choosing Permafix tapes

  • Proven top quality tape
  • Many types of tape to suit many applications
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Better priced than other top brands
  • Number 1 in Switzerland
Permafix Floorguard Basic

Highlighted: Permafix Floorguard Basic

Lightweight self-adhesive non-woven covering. For floors and stairs. Permafix Floorguard Basic protects floors and stairs against moisture and damage during all work, such as maintenance, construction and renovation. Suitable for virtually all (already dry) surfaces, such as wood, laminate, parquet

Permafix beschermen van prefab bouwelementen

Protecting prefab building components

Prefab building elements, usually made of concrete, kill two birds with one stone: they are construction parts that are immediately image-enhancing. We often see galleries, stairs and suspended floors. They have to stand up to a lot during the construction

Permafix Hardfloor afdekken van harde vloeren

Covering hard floors: Permafix Hardfloor

During maintenance, project design and renovation, existing floors must not be damaged. Permafix Hardfloor is specifically designed for hard floors such as wood, parquet and laminate. This is a strong-self-adhesive film that protects the floor against water, dirt and other

Permafix Carpet en Permafix Dispenser

Highlighted: Permafix Carpet and Permafix Dispenser

Permafix Carpet is a self-adhesive covering film (50 mu thick) for protecting textile floor and stair coverings. Permafix Carpet provides excellent protection whatever the work. This strong, self-adhesive, water-tight film keeps carpet safe. It’s easy (no tape!) to lay on