Permafix Carpet en Permafix Dispenser

Permafix Carpet is a self-adhesive covering film (50 mu thick) for protecting textile floor and stair coverings. Permafix Carpet provides excellent protection whatever the work.

This strong, self-adhesive, water-tight film keeps carpet safe. It’s easy (no tape!) to lay on floors and stairs. Permafix Carpet is suitable for all known types of existing flooring, can be removed easily and leaves no sticky residue.

Permafix Dispenser
Use the Permafix Dispenser to lay Permafix Carpet super fast and accurately. It can even be used on stairs.

Permafix Carpet and the Permafix Dispenser are available from professional building material wholesalers, ironmongers and wholesalers supplying paint materials. Like to know more about the sales outlets? Please contact us.